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Carl Icahn (or any other large swashbuckling investor) should take a stake in BMY, scuttle the CELG deal, which is suboptimal at best and wasteful at worst, and sell the company to PFE instead. Buying 100-200 million shares at $45 and cancelling the deal makes you $1-2 billion alone. Then, if PFE, Novartis or JNJ, who no doubt would want Opdivo, would be interested in a $100 billion or higher offer for BMY, one could net $2 to $4 billion on the trade.

What can be said about Bezos that hasn’t been already said?
Vinik coming back to hedge funds is interesting news.

Papers I’ve Read
A Conserved Role for Serotonergic Neurotransmission in Mediating Social Behavior in Octopus. Eric Edsinger, Gul Dolen. Curr Biol 2018.
Nature advertised Octopi on Ecstasy, so I had to look this paper up. It’s about as weird as expected, with some fairly high p-values. Octopi (and virtually all other species) express SERT and the MDMA-binding site on SERT is fairly homologous to human SERT, although homology on a small part of a huge transmembrane protein shouldn’t get one too excited. Anyway, they use a “three chamber” study design often used with rodents and find MDMA has a very weak effect size, driving male octopi to females as opposed to their unaffected state where they prefer examining a unique object. What does this tell us about behavior? Who knows, I’m just a drug guy.

Theoretical Prediction of the Creation and Observation of a Ghost Trilobite Chemical Bond. Eiles, Tong & Greene. Phys Rev Lett 2018.
Rydberg atoms can form bizarre “trilobite” bonds. The electron probability functions look like actual trilobites from eons ago. These Purdue physicists demonstrate a “ghost bond”, where such a Rydberg electron exists in a strange (>100nm bond length!) state WITHOUT the other atom present. Ghost bonds. Truth stranger than fiction…

In vivo fate of HIV-1-infected T cells: Quantitative analysis of the transition to stable latency. Chun, et al. Nature Medicine 1995.
A seminal paper, 23 years old, on identifying the latent ‘reservoir’ of CD4+ proviral T cells.

In a few days (the 13th) my monthly jailiversary will be here. Celebrating 16 months in and 31 to go.

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  1. A fun fact about Purdue, I graduated from there, but they are called ‘Cradle of Astronauts’ because they have had 24 chosen from Purdue.

    Read this for a thorough understanding of what is going on with the Rydberg:


    Carl Icahn should write more letters to board members. He is a very funny guy.
    Bezos is in lurve. His leaked text messages are very clear about this. More men need to take a cue. This will be the most expensive marriage that there has ever been. It reminds me to send ‘Happy Divorce’ cards when I decline an RSVP.

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