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Biomarin’s CEO said there is no drug pricing crisis or problem and this issue is “all politics”. He is 100% correct. If you analyze disposable income, funds spent on pharmaceuticals vs. entertainment, poverty rates, insurance coverage rates and other data sets, you cannot possibly reach any other conclusion. As I said in my Ivy League tour, think with facts and reasoning, not with emotion, and you’ll discover the truth–assuming it is the truth you were seeking in the first place.

Papers I’ve Read
Vpu Mediates Depletion of Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 during HIV Infection by a Lysosome-Dependent Mechanism. Doehle et al. J Vir 2012:86;8367-8374.
6 years ago, Vpu was discovered to label a core host viral defense mechanism, IRF3, “garbage”, prompting the obsequious cell to digest its comrade in the greedy lyosome. The conniving interloper wins.

Hydroxyurea for Children with Sickle Cell Anemia in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tshilolo et al. NEJM 2019:380;2
Why? A single-arm study of a well-known drug. Just why?

Next-Generation Sequencing to Diagnose Suspected Genetic Disorders. Adams, Eng. NEJM 2018;379:14
Simple backgrounder for anyone who has been asleep.

Keep the government shut down until our debt is retired. It will balance the budget. Just 10 years? Keep collecting taxes. In 2035, no taxes, no government. Perfect answer, and it worked in the 1800s 🙂

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  1. Good to see you’re doing ok buddy. I didn’t think you deserved jail time, the smart ass remarks upset the judge. I get it…. you made me laugh. keep up with the site/blog. i’m enjoying it so far.

  2. Thank you for all the postings. Really great stuff. Hope it gets appreciated. So much stuff out there still undervalued on the internet. It’s authenticity issues. For some reason the visual TV is still dominating whereas much of the internet sphere is not verifiable in certain terms.

  3. I mean all your calls on biotech are splendid and your senses of what is good sciences impeccable. very impressive talent. MS is highly intelligent, diligent and disciplined. I recommend his early release.

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