Lots of interesting personnel changes: EDIT, VRTX.
Gossamer going public is fascinating.

Papers I’ve Read
The Structural Violence of Hyperincarceration – A 44-Year-Old Man with Back Pain. Karandinos & Bourgois. NEJM 2019.
Funny last name of the second author. The paper walks through the odyssey of one inner-city Spanish-speaker. The article notes 70 million US citizens have a criminal record (we can do better! why not 270 million!?), but wrongly places blame on incarceration as a cause of “structural violence”, an imaginary construct.
I am actually in prison, right now. Prison doesn’t create “structural violence”. The BOP has an efficient system of allocating violent people–you get classified to the appropriate security-level according to your actions. Healthcare has been fairly good, even relative to the care I receive “on the outside” with my millionaire lifestyle. The issue with this man’s distrust of the healthcare system is his lack of education and inability to speak English. He’s 44, likes to deal drugs and break rules. He distrusts doctors because he has a poor grasp on reality in general, not because he has “institutional distrust”. He doesn’t understand the world around him. He doesn’t want to.

The Imperative for Climate Action to Protect Health. Haines, Ebi. NEJM 2019;380:263-73.
Here we go. Surface temperature has increased by 0.7 degrees (Celsius) since the 1961-1990 mean. In 1850 it was negative 0.4 degrees. This is an abysmally poor data set to draw conclusions–without at least 50 periods similar in length one cannot even calculate the effect size of this change without information on temperature’s volatility (standard deviation). This lowly review articles relies on other similarly flawed data sets and their interpretations. Temperatures are probably increasing but give me a solid study that proves that. What inferences can we really draw? Do we assume humans stand there and do nothing, or react accordingly? Protecting health from possible climate change impacts is very important, and sounding alarms of danger is important too. But let’s not put weak meteorological data in the best medical journal.

Anyone else having a bout of seasonal affective disorder? Yeesh, January has always been rough for me. At least spring is almost here!
There was an article in WIRED (thank you) about Elon Musk which is a must-read. In my first major CEO job, I was a lot like Musk. Impatient, full of expletives and outbursts, basically unprofessional. I’m really happy that I grew out of that behavior. If you are yelling at your colleagues, you’re not only alienating your important partners but also you should simply be reflecting on your own inability to properly allocate human resources. That person in chemistry is an idiot? You hired them! Or, you hired the person who hired them. Your fault, buddy. Save your breath.

Becoming a “celebrity” overnight also happened to Musk and you can see what it did to him. Thankfully a lot of my celebrity came after being arrested and I resigned, but the overlap period was still harmful. I understand, to some extent, what Musk is going through. It’s probably best for him to stay CEO, for the sake of the employees, but turn off his outside life. There comes a pressure of feeding ‘fans’ that starts to distract–and I felt that despite modest fame. He also has SpaceX and other interests to manage. If the company has another good quarter, all the naysayers will be proven wrong, but in the meantime for his own health he should focus 100% on the businesses and turn off the media and any celebrity-type activities.

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  1. Martin on Musk:
    “for his own health he should focus 100% on the businesses and turn off the media and any celebrity-type activities.”

    true wisdom comes from experience.

    martin will emerge from this a better person.

    1. Dude. I was going to say the same thing. Plus Jim Cramer is saying he has no faith in their balance sheet. Yikes. Sounds like problems might have to be solved with heavy dilutions down the line.

    1. The whole market share thing would have to fall into place for Tesla to work out the way Shkreli thought Tesla would have a chance to achieve that. But ample of headwinds. Plus the big headwinds are the coming in full circles here and probably got our friend here in jail maybe even though his improsnment is based on a technicality. But the public perception is for sure a defect but for some reason pharma is under attack as opposed to oil . It’s a defect in public perception and sort of the ganging up and let’s find our victim and make them pay. It’s complex but that’s sort of the personna of MS which reflects to me often a misperception of people of things work.

    2. I am talking about pressures to make drug prices lower because it’s a right for people. It’s an issue of course, but people have the right to blast their heat. But people have cold feet because they wanna save on energy gas bills. Nobody is putting pressure on oil companies to keep people warm. It’s the defect of perception.

      1. Which could quite well be my own defect of perception. So to anyone who berates my comments, I suppose I am just as much part of this as you the berater or supporter if there is such a thing. Thank you very much. Right over …. here. MS style. Well before prison. Not sure who he is now.

        1. I mean how he is now. Just sort of a ghost lingering. But he is alive. And I think people here wish him well. Anyone could be in danger at any time. It sounds like things are okay so far so let’s be hopeful. That’s a song, right?

  2. Ok, yeah SAD sucks! I would give you a hug, but I’d smoother you. When it comes to anything in life, if you haven’t spent time with yourself & learned that you are an asshole, but you’re also a very caring person and everything in between (know thyself first), then you are obviously be persuaded by outside forces – ESPECIALLY celebrity. Learning & knowing who you are is THE top priority in adulthood, lest you fall prey to anything. I don’t understand “feeding” fans… That sounds TERRIFYING. Celebrity sounds miserable. Are you a celebrity?? I think people are drawn to other people for maybe 2 to 3 reasons: 1) your personality aligns with theirs; 2) sexual / biological reasons; 3) prey.

    I was watching the news & saw you on the news being a dick & I laughed, but I also thought you were an asshole. A couple years later I happened upon a YouTube video of you TEACHING CHEMISTRY. I didn’t even tie the 2 together until I started researching who was TEACHING. You have a forgettable face, Ha! Ha!
    So, maybe other people just stumbled upon you in the same way & you’re not the “celebrity” that you seem to feel the pressure to be.
    It’s really that simple. Stop thinking you are under any type of requirement to perform & just be.
    On a side note, I’m going to take Ayahuasca next weekend and am hoping for some enlightenment….
    I like who you are (& I see through you)… It’s the nearest I’ve been to similar intellect AND personality. That’s fucking awesome! Be that.

    1. I LOVE THIS. Finally what I would find normal. I think there should be more of this. At least public gets to read it.

  3. So the argument on climate change is that humans haven’t been around long enough to have any real weather cycle. Billions of years of data were destroyed in several major earth impacts, such as the massive amounts of data the dinosaurs had collected prior to their extinction (dinosaurs were major big data analyst nerds). The T-Rex often gets slack for his tiny arms, but that was evolution allowing for increased typing skill & data crunching. I digress…. Though we don’t exactly have a smoking gun, doesn’t it make sense to use precaution? I mean, what is your condom argument?!?!????
    And these chemicals in refineries… Please visit a refinery, a plant – when you are released. I assure you, you will change your mind. Precaution for your grandchildren.

  4. A winter weather activity to keep you from being sad: Myers-Brigg personality test. I am an INTJ. Please, post results!

  5. I fall within the description of “Anyone else”. Vitamin d, it’s good to take during winter, you probably know this. I think it helps a bit. Wondering what other key words would prevent a comment being posted. I wonder what others have written that don’t get posted. Potentially nosy. I see some snarks are allowed.

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