Football today. 4 picks. Dolphins, Eagles, Bills and Cardinals. 3 underdogs. No more luck for Luck. Eagles should destroy my G-Men in reversion to mean. The Cardinals is the weakest of the four picks, but +13.5…

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “11/25/2018”

  1. Hey I asked GM Hikaru if he was your friend today on Twitch and he said he doesn’t know you. You said you were friends with him.

  2. Love checking up on this blog, consumed a lot of your youtube content so this was a nice discovery.
    Are you able to read these comments?
    Would like to know what your day by day looks like, what your living space looks like – is it a Nelson Mandela situation or are you living like a Norwegian massmurder with an xbox and a computer?

    Thanks for doing this

  3. Why is it profitable to wager a 6 will appear within 4 rolls of one die but not profitable to wager double sixes will appear within 24 rolls of 2 die?

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