969 days left.

Have been finding lots of cool things. Things I can’t tell you about.
Anyone following the Egalet/Iroko deal? Interesting times in specialty pharmaceuticals as usual.
Or how about the Concordia recap?
I may also attempt a list of 2018 private companies by valuation. Never seen before data! Largely my guesses! Perhaps it can be an open Google doc (maintained by one of my trusty followers) that is a resource for the biopharma community.

Papers I’ve Read
I’ll be releasing my favorite journals of 2018 soon. I’m not sure if I should do top 10, top 20 or top 50-200. I read a lot.

Books I’ve Read
Nightfall and Other Stories – Asimov
I was never a science fiction fan. When I read some Asimov a few years ago, I didn’t like it. No patience, I guess. This collection of “Nightfall” and twenty other stories, all briefly introduced by the author, is spectacular. One forgets the delineation of science fiction as Asmiov plunges the reader into deep reservoirs of human existence. Highly recommended.

Code – Petzold
I read this in 2014 and again at the MDC about 9 months ago. A sort of introduction to the world of computers, Petzold sews hardware with software in several mediums, demonstrating the duality (or unity, if you prefer) of computer engineering. One can’t help but get bogged down in increasingly complex schematics, but if you stick with it, Code takes you one of the most enjoyable reading journeys I’ve ever been on. Thank God for overzealous prosecutors!?

Can’t thank Trump and his team enough for CJ reform. All 4,000 of us at FCI Fort Dix and the tens of thousands of friends and families are so appreciative. I have rarely met a prisoner with a “fair” sentence–I’d say 75% of inmates’ sentences are too long, being as objective as possible. The majority of incarceration is related to illegal drugs and guns, punitive ideas whose time may come and should be going. Happy New Year to my fellow “criminals”. We’ll be home soon.

18 thoughts on “12/31/2018”

  1. Happy new year! I was wondering if you have heard of the company called Zymergen and if you have any insight? They just secured C funding and look interesting.

  2. I hope you and the boys inside have a happy new year full of long books, frosted honey buns, and good porn. You still got shooters out here!

  3. Marty- Glad to hear about the positive impact on sentencing time.

    TLDR: Might have some pet project private stuff you’d find useful…

    Interesting endeavor working on valuing the privates. Not sure how you’re planning on going about it but am sure you know it’s far from a fundamental analysis, especially when looking at the evolution of the biggest Biopharma IPOs in last 5 yrs and their valuations leading up to and at IPO (ie MRNA, RUBY, ALLO, DNLY…).

    I’ve done some homework on private valuations (pre-$ implied @ respective private raises since inception) on a good # of the top biopharma IPOs in the recent past if this is something that’d be helpful. If so let me know how I can get it to you.

    Thanks and keep on keepin on,

  4. Only in the US of A can a company (Egalet) get delisted, default on loans, file bankruptcy, shuffle hundreds of millions of dollars around, and still acquire more assets (Iroko) in the process. I suspect the FDA, DEA, and DOJ are planning to tighten the screws even more on the “opioid epidemic” in 2019 and push for these alternative treatments, which happen to come in suppository form; therefore, Big Pharma can literally be forcing its drugs up patients’ asses. Would love to hear your thoughts on the deal, Martin.

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