Chugai’s SKY59 C5-antibody may be a real threat to Alexion… Phase 1/2 data at ASH looked good.

China’s stock market is -30% this year. In US terms that’d be one of our worst years in history. US is flat YTD.

Alnylam is developing a RNAi for hypertension and also an amyloid-beta RNAi. You can’t make this up… talk about awful targets.

The Altria investment in Cronos is stunning. This isn’t related to healthcare but this is a sight to behold. Bubble or birth of a new industry?

Papers I’ve Read
De Novo Truncating Mutations in WASF1 Cause Intellectual Disability With Seizures. Ito et al. Am J Hum Genet 2008;103,144-153.
These researchers used the Matchmaker Exchange to link together and find de novo mutations of WASF1. WASF1 is a fairly unique protein and I don’t see how one could therapeutically target it. It assists actin polymerization by creating a complex… complex. Maybe someone smarter than me can figure it out but I see brick walls. One of the problems is actin is so important in neuronal development and these patients had very profound intellectual disability from birth. Very sad.

Extramedullary Myeloma whole genome sequencing reveals novel mutations in Cereblon, proteasome subunit G2 and the glucocorticoid receptor in multi drug resistant disease. Egan, et al. Br J Haematol 2013.
Again, CELG background research. Interesting case report.

Cereblon is recruited to aggresome and shows cytoprotective effect against ubiquitin-proteasome system dysfunction. Sawamura, et al. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 2015.
One of many weak papers which grope for clarity on the IMID target cereblon. CELG background reading.

I saw the very qualified and excellent dentist here today, again. He shaved the tooth down and it appeared the filling he did last week was a bit high and occluding a proper bite. I am suspicious and believe I am harboring an infection. He is of course, right, and there is almost certainly no infection, despite the pain I feel in my jaw. X-rays showed no abscess. Despite all this I will happily down a prescription of clindamycin, gleefully overusing antibiotics, destroying gut flora, all cost-free to me and $50,000 of annual taxes to you.

What is the DOJ doing arresting a Chinese MNC CFO? The rogue EDNY has again lost its mind. There are evidently not enough American criminals to prosecute. The ever-growing leviathan needs to be slayed. A 50% budget cut to DOJ and FBI would restore piority to these afflicted institutions.

7 thoughts on “12/9/2018”

  1. Yo Bro,
    I did some time at MDC and Ft. Dix Low (better library and law library then the camp). I made the most of my time there, met some unforgettable people (some smart, some just unforgettable). I like your blog!
    The system is what it is…selective prosecution is supported buy the USSC.
    SDNY guy

  2. I went to my Doc yesterday for a minor lung infection and she prescribed me 2x daily 300mg Cefdinir for 10 DAYS.

    Most doctors I have met are embarrassingly unqualified.

  3. Xi and Trump face each other at the table. Their team members fill the remaining seats at the table. The usual diplomatic manners are engaged but this moment is different. There’s a hint of barbarism in the air. Making it difficult to withhold primal urges. The Chinese are tough negotiators; tough and unpredictable at times. I’ll give them three months to do their dance. To be unpredictable. When they fail to deliver, I will unleash the prepared tariffs and more. Much more.

    “Thank you President Trump. I believe we can agree to those terms.”

    “Terrific! We’ll start drafting the agreement now.”

    Thousands of miles north in Canada, Meng exits the plane. Being the CFO of Huawei gives you the best luxuries of first-class service. Not a strain of impotence from a 13 hour flight. Unlike the crumpled members of economy class.

    She’s walking on the bridge that’s headed into the terminal. Several men in suits walk forward.

    “Ma’am. Under the jurisdiction of the United States Gov’t, you have directly violated agreements that withheld any sale of Huawei technologies to the country of Iran.”

    The journalists in Argentina gather outside the door. Trump and Xi step out. Smiling.

    Several hours pass. Xi and his delegation had departed from Buenos Aires.

    “President Xi … the CFO of Huawei was arrested in Canada”

    “…. motherfucker”

    Martin, I added some shit for the flare but that’s how it went down. Trump pulled some Godfather shit during the G20 summit.

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