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Looked at the RDEB companies: FCSC, KRYS, ABEO. Looks like an investing opportunity, both long and short. Not 100% sure which stock is which ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of interesting Phase III data sets (including MGNX) to dive into.

Looks like one of SGMO’s assets didn’t work. I never really understood why they are targeting MPS: treatment options exist and there are plenty of other indications with zero medicines. I still like the hemophilia assets. Will try to do a deep dive here.

Briefly Reviewed – Empire State of Mind by Zach Greenburg
Sean Carter (JAY-Z) has had quite the life. Arguably the most famous musician on the planet, he has become a very wealthy man despite what most would agree was a tumultuous start to his life. This first book about the famous rapper does very little justice to explaining a remarkably complex person. While the author can be commended for digging around and chatting with figures such as DJ Clark Kent, massive gaps limit the scope of this work to a pseudo-hagiography. The writer is clearly a Jay-Z fan, limiting his interest in sternly critiquing his subject. It’s hard to land too many gloves on Jay, but various opportunities known to many (and few alike), are missed.
Similarly, very little serious work is done on the artist’s art. Jay-Z’s music has undergone a stunning transformation–from a rapid-fire non-sensical and equally braggadocious and insecure to a triple entendres befitting a literary scholar. I don’t buy that we’re listening to Jay-Z, Sean Carter anymore. The other explanation is possible: Carter has become a hardened writing student. This mystery and many others (what is he marking Tidal at?) are left untouched and replaced with the gloss of easier questions and victory laps.

Papers I’ve Read
Treatment Decisions for Babies with Trisomy 13 and 18. HEC Forum 2017. Isabella Pallotto and John Lantos.
My favorite part of pharmaceuticals is working on illnesses like these. This papers suggests that doctors give up on these patients too quickly, leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy of neonatal death. The ethical issues with giving these very sick patients expensive treatment is discussed. One overwhelming point is the disability paradox: these patients often have a QOL indistinguishable to healthy patients from THEIR perspective. Assigning your QOL to someone else is the wrong perspective, in my opinion.

Comprehensive molecular characterization of clinical responses to PD-1 inhibition in metastatic gastric cancer. Tae Kim et al. Nature Medicine.
No new insights here.

My cat seems to be doing well as my father is now doting upon her, full-time.

Football season is over. Wasn’t too profitable. NBA is starting to look up. Our poor Knicks better get the 1st round draft pick!
Poker has been dull as well. Big “edges” are hard to get in any competitive area.

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  1. Hello Martin! I am just some random dude from Russia! I keep losing money on stocks like everybody; but I want to wish you to stay strong!!! SOmeday we will all have a good laugh about this. Here is cool goose for you:

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  2. Yes Martin, you do have a way with words. Doesn’t the root meaning of your name suggest that you are a derivative man of war, something zero people on the planet are prepared for?
    Ha! Ha!

    No one can do it betta’!

  3. Hey Martin,

    Do you think JFK JR is still alive? Or is there an effort to make it seem that his family and him were at Trump rallies.


  4. Looking forward to the Sangamo/ hemophilia deep dive.
    Interesting you still like their hemophilia assets, as one of them Hemo B is still gene editing which looks less attractive in the near term now – for a layman at least.

    If you could shed some light on the importance of viral vectors that would be great.
    SGMO are pumping their new, more-efficient ZFN protein but there isn’t a lot of talk about the vector.
    It’s hard to see the wood through the trees here.

  5. Really look up to you, it blows my mind how intelligent you are. I research nearly every company I see you mention here and have invested in quite a few. I know you get a lot of requests to give “investing advice” but I think what you’re doing is just fine, people just need to start here then research themselves to find the opportunities. Would love if you mentioned more “penny stock” type companies because I love low marketcap(gambling)

  6. The world is waiting for the man to speak again. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your wife. I read somewhere you got married. Best of luck.

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