–Does anyone think there is room for a lowish-priced antidepressant with a new MOA (not TRD)? I guess ALKS does. I gotta look at the data again but I really didn’t think that drug worked. I guess it’s true what they say, run 4 depression Phase IIIs to get two positive ones. Even JNJ’s data was underwhelming. GP/internist drugs are so scary now after so many flops, but look at Eliquis, doing amazingly well. So is 90s pharma over or not?

–On Acadia I wouldn’t be as worried about the safety as I would be on the commercial opportunities and intellectual property. Also a lot of the gain on this short has been realized.

–Sarepta and Madrigal are the two biotech stocks up the most this year. Congratulations to whoever owns those stocks. One fascinating thing is the success of some medtech stocks, including Align and Abiomed, which were favorites of mine (but mostly my old partner) in 2009-2011!

–Will be glancing at some stocks soon, including Alnylam, Fibrocell, Jazz, Endo and others. Was a bit focused on other matters.

Papers I’ve Read
Fibroblast growth factor 19 regulates skeletal muscle mass and ameliorates muscle wasting in mice. Benoit, et al. Nature Medicine 2017.
Very interesting!

An approach to suppress the evolution of resistance in BRAFV600E-mutant cancer. Xue, et al. Nature Medicine 2017.
Seemed like an obvious conclusion to me.

Plk1 regulates contraction of postmitotic smooth muscle cells and is required for vascular homeostasis. Nature Medicine 2017.
Well, this is explains why volasertib failed. Isn’t tox supposed to ferret this kind of thing out?

moscaism. Different genotypes present within a cell pool.
myc tag. Another small peptide tag used for protein identification and purification. Similar to the FLAG tags I used in my first experiments.
GFP. green fluorescent protein. A good reporter of gene/protein expression.
SNP (elementary concept, essential importance). single nucleotide polymorphism, a variation in a nucleotide at a specific position.
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. In genetics, an equation that predicts allele frequency. Often used to quality check sequencing in GWAS.
eQTL. expression quantitative trait loci – analysis of genetic loci that influence level of mRNA/protein expressed
Sanger sequencing. An older type of DNA sequencing relying on chain terminators. Still used in basic experiments, but not in NGS (next-generation sequencing).
cAMP. messenger molecule created from ATP by adenylate cyclase after a GPCR Gs receptor is activated.
parietal cortex.
MADRS. Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale. A commonly used scale for measuring major depression. >20 is depressed. Control patients usually have a rating of 0-1.
SSRI. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Class of drugs approved for depression including Zoloft (sertraline), Celexa (citalopram), Paxil (paroxetine), Lexapro (escitalopram) and others. All SSRIs are now generic.
Protein Kinase A.
phosphodiesterase. Also known as PDE, a class of enzymes that break phosphodiester bonds, including the one present in cAMP.
anoxia. lack of oxygen.
prefrontal cortex. area of the brain responsible for “executive function” including personality, complex behavior, decision making, etc. Mine is clearly highly developed.
cortical. refering to cortex areas of the brain, not the motor or sensory areas, but “higher” processing
subcortical. “below” cortex structures such as the amygdala, hypothalamus, etc.
bulbar dysfunction. neurological finding resulting in abnormal speech and swallowing. the bulbar structure is composed of the cerebellum, medulla and pons, with the medulla being the “bulb”.
bioavailability (elementary concept, critical importance). a PK measurement that compares the dose administered to the patient with the available drug level in the blood. It is a ratio sometimes indicated by the variable name F. The F of any IV administration of a drug is always 100%. Some drugs have very low bioavailability (10-20%) and pose a potential risk if blood levels are variable. Protein binding is an important consideration in contemplating drug availability in conjunction with bioavailability.
gene amplification. in an oncology context, a copy number change, often induced by selective/evolutionary pressure
splice variants. the product of alternative splicing (very important concept).
prometaphase. the phase in mitosis before metaphase where kinetochores form.
metaphase. the phase in mitosis before anaphase where chromosomes align prior to separation
cytokinesis. when the cytoplasm of a single cell divides into two.
monopolar spindles. a spindle defect.
kinetochore. a protein that forms the attachment point for the spindle to separate sister chromatids.
chromatid. the copy of a chromosome attached to its template by a centromere.
apraxia. the inability to complete a fine motor task.
GPCR. G-protein coupled receptor. 7-transmembrane family of receptors coupled to a G-protein. Very common pharmacological targets.

I hate correcting the media. Some Vanity Fair reporter Emma Stefansky apparently said that my Wu-Tang album was no longer ‘mine’. That’s interesting since I pay for it to be stored and insured every month. Maybe someone can reach out to her and ask her who has it? Because I don’t know, I think I do. Maybe I’m wrong? Let me know.
The same thing applies to my finances. People know about 10% of the story. I’m wealther than I ever have been. Liquidity has always been a struggle for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been really liquid, basically ever. That’s just how it works with serial entrepreneurs who put everything they have into their companies. Elon Musk once said he couldn’t pay his rent. I think mere mortals don’t understand the concept of giving all you’ve got.
I’m sitting pretty though, as the IRS owes me a $4 million refund, I’m hopeful that the insane $7 million judgment gets reversed on appeal (which I’ve already paid most of), and I have about $22 million in uncashed options from my first company that I should probably cash in. It’s been difficult to do basic things like that since I was remanded for “hairjokegate” 2017. I guess I gotta find a notary here, they supposedly have one in the prison, but I’ve only been here for two months. Anyway, my private holdings are growing more valuable by the day, so I find it funny reading all the misinformed stuff about me.
One person told me “eh, don’t correct aynone, it will be even funnier when you buy a sports team and people will say ‘what a comeback'”. But, there’s nothing to “come back” from. Jail is adult time out. I haven’t learned anything profound from this experience, other than doing what most prisoners do, which is to stew and grow more resentful of our overreaching and corrupt law enforcement. I’m innocent and was narrowly convicted with the assistance of witness coercion, the government obtaining illegal evidence and all kinds of other government tricks. They certainly prosecute the person, not the crime. Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, you name it. A bad guy is a bad guy, doesn’t matter what they did. They’re trying to do it to our President as we speak. What law did he violate, so that we can get vengence for the political policies we don’t like? Shame on the FBI–it should be shut down. [End Count of Monte Crisco rant.]

Is Drake’s new album any good?

I’d like to see more responses in comments!!!!

90 thoughts on “7/10/18”

  1. A new drug to treat Dysthymia would be nice. One that works!! Someone needs to make that happen!
    Eliquis is a good drug. I take that.

  2. I totally LOVE YOUR BRAINS ♥️♥️💎 Keep it up Martin , you’ve just begun 👊🏼💰💰💰♥️💎

  3. Drake album is exactly what you’d expect. Only good songs imo are “this is how you feel” and “nonstop”

    I like timeless albums such as “untrue” by burial.

    I made a bunch of money from AVXS, thanks for that tip years back. Looks like it’s too late to get into sarepta stock.

    Would like to play chess with you one day.


  4. Big fan of you Martin, I have been re-watching your this week in investing video in weekly basis. I found your video to be very entertaining and informative and help me in my biotech investing experience.

    What do you think of EXEL ? last earning was great, they beat earning soundly. They remind me of ALXN, strong pipeline that is selling well

  5. Hope all is well, been a long time since we spoke. Was at a house party in DC recently and a person I met knew me from your Blab endeavors a few years ago now.

    Keep punting THOTs to Jupiter.

  6. Hi Martin,

    Good to hear from you again. Would be very interested in seeing what you think of Voxelotor and its prospects in treating SCD. Some people are pointing to this being a new “battleground” after the Ph3 results. Do you think the drug works and is the company’s gambit on AA from the FDA sane?

  7. Martin,

    I’ve been following you since early 2016, your advice and videos on YT have developed my love for finance and investing. I’m a little sad the weekly investment podcast is over, watching you invest and analyze companies on a weekly basis was really great to see. I hope you can continue the trend by having a investment section within the blog. I’d love to share my two cents.

    Precision medicine has been a hot topic now for a couple years, what do you think of the current tech being used, who are you placing your bets on, and what do you think of the idea of creating new genes and creatures?

  8. Shkreli do you love me?
    Are you ridin?
    Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me
    ‘Cause I want ya, and I need ya
    And I’m down for you always

  9. Keep up the good work Martin! I’d love to hear more of your finance insights. Also, skip the somewhat messy glossary and maybe explain/exemplify concepts, from low, to high resolution.
    ps, Drake is fire.

  10. I have nothing much to say other than I am grateful to see you remain hard working, communicative and good-humored, even behind bars.

    Notwithstanding the media’s historical portrayal of you, I believe I (and others) have found you inspiring because you are relatable. While you may have your eccentricities, your energy, irreverence and vision empowered you to make great achievements at such a young age. You became somebody.

    Your best qualities are precisely those that non-risk-takers, bureaucrats and journalists will never understand.

  11. Drake’s new album is solid, especially “God’s Plan” (I think he may have stole the name of the song from your upcoming mixtape, “God’s Gift”) and “Nonstop.”

    I think it would be cool if you devoted a blog post to going over how to research and evaluate biotech companies. You were sent to jail prior to finishing your series on analyzing clinical trials, so focusing on that would be interesting as well.

    Does Martin receive these comments?

  12. Ty ty ty for doing this blog! So nice to hear updates from you. Drake’s new album is…ok Imho…not as good as the last two

  13. Martin, I’ve always admired you. I look forward to every post on your blog. Greetings from Argentina. #FreenyboyShkreli

  14. I work in tech and it’s really hard to explain your story to people without them thinking that i’m some sort of monster for observing what happened to you objectively. I love Excel by the way and you’ve kind of inspired me to start streaming myself playing around with Excel on twitch.

  15. Instructor Shkreli I appreciate all the knowledge you have taught me on the Financial YouTube videos, stay strong. Hope to meet you one day!

  16. Hey Martin! I miss coming into your live-streams or chilling with you on Discord.

    It sounds like you’re doing well and I can’t wait for when you get released and all of the imbeciles cry about how “””bad””” you are. Trump’s America feels good so far, better than Clinton’s would have ever been. Although the media has just been terrible (as always).

    I miss your talks and lectures (Chemistry, This Week in Financing, or people coming on Discord and screaming at you lmao). I hope you’re able to keep this blog going, and I hope Trashy is alright.

    – Excal

    1. How is locking children in cages, breaking peaceful ties with allies, tariffs about to kill the economy, taking people’s rights, expanding cops and military forces against the people, and siding with brutal dictators “better than Hillary”?

      The guy is headed to being the first dictator of United States. He literally said in his interviews he wants to be like Kim Jong Un and doesn’t care about the Constitution.

      But yeah Martin keeps believing this man is “innocent”. People wonder how Hitler began and why no one stopped him. Well, this is how. Everything Trump is doing is how Nazi Germany started, and Martin and many Republicans are willing to let Trump start a fucking police state just because some annoying college liberal told them off.

      I used to like this guy and thought he was smart, but smart people actually see through Trump’s bullshit and realize he’s terrible. The whole world outside of the Republican Party realizes he’s going to collapse the US.

      1. How is letting in illegal migrants into your country going to help the safety and prosperity of your country? How is letting other countries making profit from your country going to improve your economy? How is crying about everything what Trump says going to help you?

        At least Trump has the balls to say how it is. That’s exactly the reason why people voted for him.

        Liberals like you don’t like freedom of speech. It’s people like you who want to take away the rights of people.

        You’re wrong if you think only Republicans support Trump.

        1. You obviously don’t know what the hell liberalism even means, do you? Liberalism is the reason you even have freedom of speech and capitalism here in America. It’s a fucking pro-freedom ideology altogether. You must be thinking of socialist and communist, which is a totally different indeology. Not every liberal agrees with those authoritarian leftist types either. I’m actually pretty damn pro-shkreli, but I hate how he has limited views on such things like Trump.

          Turn off Fox News and stop listening to fear mongering garbage about immigrants. There was no statistical issue with illegal immigrants. It was at an all time low before Trump made shit up about immigrants taking over. Facism needs to create fear so you feel forced to turn over safety to the budding dictator. Trump has ticked almost every box of being a facist.

          No, Trump doesn’t tell it how it is. He’s been fact checked to have mad over 2,000 lies. That’s more than any other president in history. Facist need to lie and make shit up, and find a group of people (Jews or immigrants for example) to scapegoat. This was what the beginning of Nazi Germany was like. If you let a facist like Trump do whatever he wants, he will do that.

          And immigrants work and live here are consumers in the capitalistic economy. Immigrants benefit capitalism more than you know think. Immigrants just brought it over 300 million to our economy here I the US. These are workers and consumers. It’s too bad that white Americans just look down on the jobs immigrants take.

          Also, Trump’s tariff wars already started and is already starting to effect his supporters. Farmers are being fucked (your food will sky rocket, our jobs will be lost, and allies fucking hate us now. Tariffs caused the great depression and now Trump wants to do it again.

          So no, don’t just blindly believe Trump about anything. So far, most of his efforts blew up in his face and he made some shit worse than it was if he didn’t touch

        2. stock market and my 401k are fucking stagnant for 6 months now… takes an awful lot of stupid shit from an idiot in chief to screw up a sure thing easy win, how is someone who cant even get out of his own way good for America? 8 years of bitching about how the slow stable constant growth wasn’t good enough but now a faltering/flat market is somehow winning. Screw Trump supporters, piece of shits who dont have an objective bone in their bodies, and are not paying attention.

  17. Talk to us about one of your regular days. What do you do? what keeps you up at night? What do you think about our justice system? It baffles me how people who don’t know you judge you. It just takes a little bit of research and due diligence to find out you are a good guy trying to help the community with lectures and financial education. I can’t believe how the media try’s to coerce people to think different about you, using fucking selective information to do so. If you have any though or you need someone to talk to email me!
    July 10th 2018

  18. You’re one of my :B-emoji:iggest idols and you’ve truly inspired me to become a better version of myself throughout the last few years.
    I really enjoy your blog posts.
    You’ve especially opened my eyes on the importance of autodidacticism, and how extremely viable it can be in a world with ever increasing college graduation rates.
    I was unironically toying with the idea of applying for an engineer position at your former startup and leaving Europe after my graduation, but sadly things went a little bit differently than expected.
    You have to know that you won’t be forgotten!
    Based folks still remember you, there’s even threads about you on 4ch@n every now and then with people paying respects to you.
    Oh and Drake’s album is okay but lacks some testosterone.
    Would like to see some book recommendations by you in upcoming blog posts if that’s possible.

  19. Drake’s album was as weak as his affinity for his son. The new Nas album produced by Kanye was pretty good though, but I don’t know why Kanye insists on only putting 7 tracks on the albums he produces.

  20. Be yourself Martin. Never stop the call outs or free smoke in the blogs. It’s nice to know everything of yours is doing okay outside of prison. Been missing the livestreams lately and hope you get back to that someday. The Drake album is a Drake album… at 25 songs long I haven’t found anyone that honestly doesn’t like at least a couple tunes. Other than wishing that it flowed a little better between songs, it is a great record with both old and new Drake

  21. Could you provide input on personalized medicine/CRISPR stocks (EDIT, CRSPIR, Intellia)? Do they provide opportunity for shareholders? As fucked up as it seems, there just appears to be no monetization from curing people.

  22. I want to see your new look. Can you get a webcam or something maybe ask them to let you stream from prison! Can you make a list of rap artists that you would like to listen to? It’s messed up how they put you in prison for one bad trade.

  23. Not gonna lie. For the longest time I thought you were the douchebag the media made you out to be. I never took the time to look into your background until I heard you were sentenced to 7 years. I then found your videos on YouTube. The more I watched the more I realized the media was wrong. I enjoy both your chemistry and finance video lessons. And, of course, all the trolling videos. Looking forward to seeing more from you when you’re a free man again. Keep your chin up in there.

  24. Sarepta to be bought out! We still support you out here. Twitter is boring without you. Contact Jack to unblock you so you can Make Twitter Great Again

  25. Your point about FBI, corrupt prison system, and CIA is actually something that Republican Party has been controlling since the 1950’s and up.
    They created the war on drugs as an excuse to lock up black people and terrorize black neighborhoods to take down civil rights. You know who the CIA and FBI also targeted? College liberals and then tried to blame them for causing all the problems. The CIA has hated liberal movements since the 1960’s. Both of FBI and CIA that are investigating Trump are Republicans. Republicans aren’t investigating Trump and trying to lock him up because they don’t agree with him, but because he’s a possible Russian asset looking to destroy America for Putin. Republican investigators are still down with Republican ideas, even if they do investigate Trump. A

    Want to do something about it? Encourage and promote political candidates that want to legalize marjiuana and decriminalize other drugs. It’s the biggest damn thing causing issues with race relations and how we imprison people for non-violent crimes as an attempt to appeal their rights to vote. Don’t believe me? Google the leaked documents on how the CIA caused the prison corruption. The last thing you want to do is to side with Trump to fix these things, because him and Sessions are still apart of the war on drugs. He’s also solved not one issue with taking down corruption, but became another part of it and expanding government powers in people’s lives.

      1. Actually go learn something, you idiot. I must have struck a nerve with cold hard truth. Don’t call me ignorant when you don’t know shit, asshole. Republicans control this country and they are the reason for the collapse of America, especially Trumpler.

        Your ass needs to go in a concentration camp with those babies that Trump locked up without food, water, and made them sleep on the floor.

  26. Book suggestion: Lippincott’s ‘Pharmacology’ fully illustrated. It’s a great review on pharmacodynamics & pharmacokinetics. The illustrations are nice to have for a visual aid. This was one of my favorite chem. books. Nice detail.

  27. Discovered you through your finance lessons on youtube, hope your doing well. Any thoughts on weed stocks and the sector? Canada has just set the legalization date to be in October. Any thoughts on how this could impact pharma in Canada?

    Drake album is garbage, Kanye’s album is a masterpiece as usual.

  28. Hey Martin,

    thanks so much for keeping up with these blog entries. after having caught up with the majority of your finance lessons on youtube, i’ve picked up a couple of the books you recommended (the intelligent investor, common stocks and uncommon profits), and have taken on a real interest in finance. Your legacy will not only be that you made a lot of money and made people laugh on the internet — you provided free tools for thousands upon thousands of people to educate themselves. In my case, I developed a new interest that will most likely carry over to my studies in college (I go to school down the road from your alma mater).
    If you can get your hands on it, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Autobiography of Gucci Mane. You might identify really well with some of his stories about jail, as well as some his recollections of why he “kept his head up,” even enduring months at a time in the squalid conditions of solitary confinement in Georgia’s federal prisons. I could see you and the trap god becoming friends when you get out. The world still turns, and your (thankful) fans (who, like me, still read this blog and keep abreast of your life) are ready for you when you come back.
    In the meantime, it’s great to have these missives from you. It brings me a lot of satisfaction knowing that there’s a good chance you will read this letter. I want you to know that you’ve motivated a 19 year old kid to pursue autodidactism over worrying about sorority bitches, and wanting to follow in your footsteps and make something of himself.
    Keep up the writings. We’ll see you soon.


  29. Hey Martin, I mailed you a letter a little while back, hope you read it… For reference drawn on its envelope is a small grey box. Good Luck!

  30. thank you for not capitulating to the feds or lügenpresse. we need more influential “troublemakers” like you. great blog.

  31. “I’d like to see more responses in comments!!!!”

    Wasn’t even gonna comment, but my boy Shkreli wants comments, my boy Shkreli gets comments. Also find it quite amusing that my online comments are going to be printed out and mailed. That’s a first.

    Anyways, good a place as any to say keep strong Martin, you got a lot of fans and well wishers out here. Certainly some enough to counter the barbarians at the gate. Much love.

  32. Hello martin,
    thank you for your good content. I have watched each of your videos again and read each of your block posts. Thanks for your commitment. The new Drake album is certainly not comparable to his older albums.

    I saw that you listed the German laboratory equipment manufacturer Sartorius in one of your videos.
    The pharmaceutical industry will certainly change much faster in the next 10 years than it already would. Is it not less risky to invest in a laboratory equipment supplier like Sartorius? The company is certainly overpriced (P/E ratio >50) at the moment, but the management is aiming for a turnover of 5 billion euros by 2025. You have a strong business owner who owns more than 50% of the company and a strong moat, a pharmaceutical manufacturer brings out a drug so he is tied to Sartorius for 30 years.

    I’d appreciate your opinion. I hope you get out of prison early.

    With best regards from Germany

  33. Hey Martin,
    Thanks for your chemistry/investing videos on youtube, you are an inspiration. Don’t let the media get to you, it’s demoralizing how misguided they are. You’re a good person, eventually they won’t be able to twist the story anymore.
    Would you mind sharing your thoughts on bacteriophage therapies, e.g. CFRX, APHB?
    Drake’s album has like 5 or 6 good songs.

  34. Hey Martin,
    Thanks for your chemistry/investing videos on youtube, you are an inspiration. Don’t let the media get to you, it’s demoralizing how misguided they are. You’re a good person, eventually they won’t be able to twist the story anymore.
    Would you mind sharing your thoughts on bacteriophage therapies, e.g. CFRX, APHB?
    Drake’s album has like 5 or 6 good songs.

  35. Hey Martin,
    Thanks for your chemistry/investing videos on youtube, you are an inspiration. Don’t let the media get to you, it’s demoralizing how misguided they are. You’re a good person, eventually they won’t be able to twist the story anymore.
    Would you mind sharing your thoughts on bacteriophage therapies, e.g. CFRX, APHB?
    Drake’s album has like 5 or 6 good songs.

  36. Hello Martin,
    I am very pleased that you are holding up well in prison. I have currently been researching the effects of Ketamine on treatment resistant depression. I know that you have also had a long time interest in this wondrous dissociation anesthetic. I hope this message gets to you. I was actually developing a theory in my mind. Since Ketamine is so useful for depression due to it’s dissociative effects, could it be used in low doses to help combat severe PTSD? I hope you can talk about this in your next installments of “In the Mind of Martin”. Otherwise, if this is an option for you, you could email me personally: dangrin27290@gmail.com

    1. To add on, I would like to elaborate my hypothesis. Ketamine sometimes causes a person to experience ego death which can allow for the opportunity of restoring one’s entire personality and morale. PTSD in my opinion, often involves deep guilt that a person cannot shake off. Ketamine could be used by patients to free themselves from their past and reevaluate their innocence. I am still left in open water on the neurobiological effects of Ketamine. One particular annoying side effect of Ketamine is its tampering with the cardiovascular system. In my mind, this would clearly deflate the demand for such a drug since obesity is such a pervasive problem in today’s world. I will stop rambling now. Hope to see you cover your own opinion on Ketamine in the next installment.

  37. Martin, can you give an update on the Hemophilia basket? SGMO QURE ONCE still all good longs?
    You are in my prayers.

  38. Hi Martin, would love to hear more about what you are doing with your fellow inmates re: investing education. What are you teaching them? What’s the level of interest among the inmates in learning about value investing? How are they doing with picking up what you’re offering?

  39. Martin,

    Who is this bitch who relays your messages from jail to social media and how much is he paid?

    Chan Phan
    (post by a friend of Phan)

  40. Martin,

    I’ve been reading your blog and enjoying it. I bookmarked it and check in to it 2 or 3 times a week. I like the insight, although there are quite a few parts that i don’t understand. That said, first rule of jail is keep your mouth shut. Never say anything that might offend someone. Read,sleep and eat. I look forward to the blog

  41. Hi Martin,

    I’m not a big fan of Drizzy even though he lives less than 10 miles down the road from my place but yeah, Drake’s new album is smashing all kinds of records so I guess it must be good.

    I miss you like crazy bro. You’re a strong motivational force in my life. You always taught me so much. Hasn’t been the same without you my man!!! Looking forward to reading your next blog.

    Keep Strong Martin!

    Long ACAD


  42. Drake’s ‘Nice For What’ song is good….
    I think more important than Drake’s new stuff is Kanye’s new stuff…. He’s gone completely insane and that is how I like my people. Here are the lyrics to one of his songs, “I Thought About Killing You”

    I know, I know, I know, I know, know
    I, I know it, I know it (I know, I know, I know, I know, know)
    The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkest
    Today I seriously thought about killing you
    I contemplated, premeditated murder
    And I think about killing myself
    And I love myself way more than I love you, so
    Today I thought about killing you, premeditated murder
    You’d only care enough to kill somebody you love
    The most beautiful thoughts are always beside the darkest
    Just say it out loud to see how it feels
    People say, “Don’t say this, don’t say that”
    Just say out loud, just to see how it feels
    Weigh all the options, nothing’s off the table
    Today I thought about killing you, premeditated murder
    I think about killing myself, and I, I love myself way more than I love you
    The most beautiful thoughts are always beside the darkest
    I think this is the part where I’m supposed to say something good
    To compensate it so it doesn’t come off bad
    But sometimes I think really bad things
    Really, really, really bad things
    And I love myself way more than I love you
    See, if I was trying to relate it to more people
    I’d probably say I’m struggling with loving myself
    Because that seems like a common theme
    But that’s not the case here
    I love myself way more than I love you
    And I think about killing myself
    So, best believe, I thought about killing you today
    Premeditated murder
    I called up my loved ones, I called up my cousins
    I called up the Muslims, said I’m ’bout to go dumb
    Get so bright it’s no sun, get so loud I hear none
    Screamed so loud got no lungs, hurt so bad, I go numb
    Time to bring in the drums, that prrt-pum-pum-pum
    Set the Newtone on ’em, set the nuke off on ’em
    I need coke with no rum, I taste coke on her tongue
    I don’t joke with no one, they’ll say, “He died so young”
    I done had a bad case of too many bad days
    Got too many bad traits
    Used the floor for ashtrays
    I don’t do shit halfway, I’ma clear the cache
    I’ma make my name last, put that on my last name
    It’s a different type of rules that we obey
    Ye, Ye, Ye season, nigga, we obey
    We was all born to die, nigga DOA
    Niggas say they hero, mm, I don’t see no cape
    Mm, I don’t see no, mm, yeah, I don’t see no, mm, mm
    If I wasn’t signed to so hard, wouldn’t be no shade
    Buckwheat ass nigga, it’s ‘gon be otay
    Young nigga shit, nigga, we don’t age
    I thought I was past my Deebo ways
    Even when I went broke, I ain’t break
    How you gon’ hate? Nigga, we go way back
    To when I had the braids and you had the wave cap
    Drop a pin for the fade and I’m on my way ASAP
    Don’t get socked in the mouth, you know homie don’t play that
    Pay the fire marshal bill ’cause this shit done got way packed
    They wanna see me go ape (ape, ape)
    All you gotta do is speak on Ye
    All you gotta do is speak on Ye
    Don’t get your tooth chipped like Frito-Lay

  43. Mr. Shkreli,

    I think you get persecuted because you’re a beta male with the appearance of a wimp. I’m not dissing you that is just the atitutude liberals have toward weak white males. Others that get persecuted such as you include Tebow for Christianity, Lavar Ball for disrupting the sneaker market and for being a good role model for black fathers, Isaiah Thomas for not reinforcing the ideal that taller is better, and Donald Trump for opposing offshoring of jobs to slave labor in China and Mexico. What do you think? Not to mention your an easy scapegoat for the pharmaceutical industry.


    1. You are a complete moron. For starters, when you write to bash someone, know what you are saying. You obviously don’t know the characteristics of a beta male and Martin is NOT a beta male. Secondly, I’M YOUR FUCKING BOSS, BITCH! Third, Martin would murder you intellectually. So, you know what it is yo… Shove that passive aggressive shook beta comment right up your ass hole. Woot! Woot!

      1. Obviously, I don’t think he is a beta male. I think he is a smart, successful person. But, when everyone says they want to “punch him in the face”, I interpret that as them hating his appearance. They act like he needs to know his place as the kid that gets shoved in the locker, and most people seem upset that someone like him could succeed. I’m on his side you thot-ass-groupie.

        1. Men like Martin don’t care about this “beta/alpha” shit. The only men who care are super fucking insecure and don’t have a dick to fall back on. Brains are better than this priminal way of thinking.

        2. Hmmmm. A “thot ass groupie”? Ha! Haha! I’m on my own shit, let me tell you how it feels to be fucking great! NO one’s meant to have all this power! Bitch, you my son and I don’t want custody. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    2. Trump literally did the same thing. He sent his own brands overseas and still never slapped tariffs on his own. He’s also hired illegal immigrants to work for his businesses.

  44. I sent you a rough copy of my book “Gonzo Education” Did you receive it? I know the guards can be pricks about delivering mail. It’s a quick read with your kind of dark comedy.

  45. Hi Martin ,
    Good to know you still have your funny crazy wit !! I hope time flies by and you are out of there.
    What are your thoughts on SGMO ? Ever since their secondary the SP has been in the toilet. The company has done a terrible job of PR on any of their clinical trials and keeping the share price up.

    Be strong and safe

  46. Hey Martin,

    Your posts have been greatly informative and quite entertaining, this seems a good way for you to pass time in the ol’ slammer.

    I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the company BioPharmX in an upcoming post, I would really appreciate it.

    Their ticker is BPMX on NYSE, and they are a company with patents regarding a vehicle for a minocycline topical gel. They currently have 2 products in phase 2/3 studies BPX-01 a minocycline gel treating acne, and BPX-04 a minocycline gel treating rosacea. Their focus being on creating a vehicle allowing the minocycline to reach far enough down into the skin to better treat said conditions. They have had good test results so far and seem to be in pretty good condition financially, apart from funding needed to pay for upcoming phase 3 trials.

    As of now people are currently waiting for results on P2 studies on BPX-04 for rosacea (The study was completed 6/30) and a partnership to fund phase 3 trials for which they have set a timeline of the end of their fiscal Q2 (7/31). I have also linked their study information underneath — I know you can’t get to this information yourself, but maybe ya boi posting these for you will include a print-off along with this 🙂

    Again, thanks — Drake’s new album “Scorpion” is ok (5.5/10 maybe) Kanye’s recent works have been pretty good. His solo album has a couple real good songs on it, and the collab album with Kid Cudi also has a couple good songs on it. “Everything” by Nas and Kanye is a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately, really good song.

    Season 2 of Luke Cage just came out — the series itself is just kinda okay, but he kicks a lot of ass to the tunes of Wu-Tang, Method Man and other classic NY rap. It makes for some pretty entertaining, if still shitty, tv.

    Stay strong my mans




  47. Shkreli, scorpion drakes new album is dope. Double album, 25 tracks, side a straight bars/side b for the ladies.

  48. Damn, just read this. Love you Martin

    Particularly for our intersecting interests for computer science and investing and your drive and vision. I have to skip your biopharma sections because I’m clueless. Interesting point on liquidity, every investment I’ve made has been liquid, because I’m too much of a nervous wreck to handle anything else. Definitely something to think about. I don’t read the news or read blogs or follow any social media really, except yours. You inspired me to work my ass off two years ago when I graduated and I moved from $10-$15 p hour programming odd-jobs to a $75k salary position in the growing Chicago fintech industry and I managed to create an investment portfolio that’s had a 15% return in the past 8 months.

    Keep writing, would love to hear your thoughts, if any, on programming algos, trading exchanges (any market), your tech company plans, if any.

    Thank you!

  49. “The same thing applies to my finances. People know about 10% of the story. I’m wealther than I ever have been. Liquidity has always been a struggle for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been really liquid, basically ever. That’s just how it works with serial entrepreneurs who put everything they have into their companies. Elon Musk once said he couldn’t pay his rent. I think mere mortals don’t understand the concept of giving all you’ve got.”

    Bruh dese some hard ass bars dawg we hit the studio when u out we do something big u kno? Make a big tsunami up in here

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