I had a dream MDGL stock was $2 and I said “who ever thought that was a good idea?”. That’s probably a premonition as well as a dream.

Book Review – Tesla: Inventor of the Modern by Richard Munson
I liked it. I’m reading “How to Change Your Mind” now. I don’t like it.

Papers I’ve Read
Discovery of Potent and Centrally Active 6-Substituted 5-Fluoro-1,3-dihydro-oxazine beta-Secretase (BACE1) Inhibitors via Active Conformation Stabilization. Nakahara et al. J Med Chem 2018, 61, 5525-5546.
These BACE inhibitors arise from a Shionogi/J&J collaboration. Recall the Shionogi scientists wrote a nice paper explaining semagacestat as a pseudo-gamma-secretase inhibitor. Here, I’m not sure they apply their learnings. They see potent CSF Abeta drop in beagles but don’t report on total brain Abeta. Maybe it is cumbersome to do a total beagle brain homogenate analysis? Otherwise its a classic pharma paper, optimize for Pgp and CYP inhibition. Some interesting perspectives on equatorial/axial conformation with Newman projections that you don’t see often in these papers.

HIV vaccine candidate activation of hypoxia and the inflammasome in CD14+ monocytes is associated with a decreased risk of SIV_mac251 acquisition. Vaccari et al. Nat Medicine 2018.
Not worth reading.

I mostly like prison and the people here. Yet, I do have one complaint. After midnight, the floor on which I stay is populated by some unruly inhabitants who insist on reciting rap song lyrics, quite audibly, in the hallway to which my room is adjoined. I must make it clear to all parties that this behavior will no longer be tolerated. It is rude to me, disruptive to all and unbecoming of the interloper. I might also add that these recitations fall short of honoring the original artist!

35 months to go on 9/13/18. I checked all the math. 84 months – 12 months in = 72 months. 12 months for “the program” makes 60. 12 months of re-entry/early-release yields 48 months. 13 months of good time, which the above do not diminish or factor into, brings the total remaining time to 35 months. Without appeal. In another year or so I will probably relocate to a “prison camp” where the aforementioned nuisance is unlikely to require my vigilance

Can’t wait for NFL season to begin!

Thank you to all the professors, postdocs and other math professionals who have reached out to help me. It has been great to communicate with you all. Bear with me as I order my thoughts and respond in the limited way I can.

16 thoughts on “9/6/18”

  1. Any color on CHK1 inhibitors? I could see Eli Lilly protecting their R&D spend in this market through consolidation. Go Redskins! Eminem’s new album is surprisingly my favorite of anything he has ever released, he is taking dead aim at mumble rappers and the status quo

  2. Amazing thoughts. MDGL is a single molecule orally administered therapy. Sounds a bit like GBT volexxotor. Are you having dreams about GBT next? both valuations are comparable one $2.5 B the other $3.8 B. makes GBT at risk just based on your dream man. I like the critical approach on the papers presented.

  3. Hoping you are out a lot sooner than 35 months, you mentioned previously that you are teaching other guys in there about Matrices, can you recommend a good textbook on them? Missing your live streams everyday Martin 🙁

  4. Hey Martin,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the finance tutorials you made on youtube. I find your intellect to be quite profound and intriguing. I found it hard to believe that someone as intelligent as you could be painted in such a negative portrayal by the rest of society. It took me quite a moment before I realized that the person teaching me finance on youtube was actually none other than the famous man once known as “The most hated man in America” All media bullshit in my honest opinion.

    Either way, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your intellect. I hope you’re hanging in there and I can’t wait to see you out finally.

    – Danny
    – CalstateLA Finance Student

  5. Hey Martin,

    a group of coworkers are undertaking some “research” using a class of performance enhancing drugs called “SARMS.” Their results are nothing short of spectacular, which makes me wonder why more research wasn’t done after they discovered that large doses gave cancer to rats. Do you have thoughts pertaining to this particular class of drugs? Gymbros on the Internet often say it is a form of gene therapy, and not nearly as side-effect ridden as traditional steroids.

    Is there a (legal) future in SARMS? while on this topic, what are your thoughts about moderate amphetamine usage were it legal?

    1. FDA is currently making moves on SARMs as we speak. I don’t think there will be a future in them commercially if this trend continues, even with promising effects. I hope this ends though, but I imagine the body building community ruins it before there can be any real progress to be made.

  6. I know how you feel about the rapping. My housemates can’t stop cackling at each other late at night. Hope you can do something about it without turning those morons against you. Anyone who’s that inconsiderate is probably also prone to reacting impulsively. We don’t want any stories reading “Pharma Bro Beaten By Fellow Inmates”. It would give the haters too much satisfaction.

  7. i remember he did the math pre-sentencing too.. didnt really work the way he thought, for a relatively smart guy you would think he’d learn from that mistake… ego still very much inflated, this probably won’t end well but regardless I’ve got my popcorn and it’s been entertaining thus far lol

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