Much as been made of the WSJ report on investment bank biotech commentators earning several million dollars of annual compensation. One should not be distracted. In the peak of every bull market, some participants will receive excessive rewards for no reason. This transient wealth transfer from an investment bank to an individual does not merit your envy. Once every ten years, if the excessive sum is even $5,000,000, net of taxes, the salary increase is $250,000 annually. Hardly worth getting out of bed for, let alone envying, given this excess applies only to the very few and one only has so many ten-year-cycles in his future. Indeed, do not stray for evanescent earnings–compounding is the only path.

Papers I’ve Read
Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Pyrimido[4,5-d]pyrimidine-2,4(1H,3H)-diones as Potent and Selective Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Inhibitors against L858R/T790M Resistance Mutation. Hao et al. J Med Chem 2018,61:5609-5622.
These workers produce a very potent and selective EGFR mutant:EGFR wildtype inhibitor but with very weak PK. I doubt this drug will see the light of day when compared to Tagrisso’s profile.

MC4R agonism promotes durable weight loss in patients with leptin receptor deficiency. Clement et al. Nature Medicine 2018.
Well, RYTM is a fascinating company with a fascinating drug, setmelanotide. I’m very familiar with the POMC class which includes Acthar, Synacthen, Clinuvel’s drug, this drug, non-peptide synthetics and other peptide agents. These genetic obesity illnesses are very rare, but the efficacy is profound. The small uncontrolled Phase 3 trials Rhythm are doing will probably “work”(though I’m a bit afraid of some tachyphylaxis or other weird physiological dynamics that occur in appetite control). On the business side, this is a daily drug. Clinuvel’s longer-acting compound probably will do the same thing clinically. The authors do some preclinical work demonstrating this drug engages the MC4R receptor a bit differently than alpha-MSH or a synthetic. I can believe that, I guess, but I wonder if this drug will last the test of time given all of this. Also consider metreleptin didn’t do too well for the same disease state. Fairly modest revenue for that drug, especially in context of RYTM market cap.

Clinical Trials
A Study of Avelumab, Binimetinib and Talazoparib in Patients With Locally Advanced or Metastatic RAS-mutant Solid Tumors. Pfizer and Array BioPharma.
Can’t say I understand this trial. “When pharma has too many oncology drugs”.

Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of TLD in Patients with COPD. Nuvaira, Inc.
Interesting “targeted lung denervation” device. Wonder if it would help a friend I have who has lung problems.

Fluoxetine in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Trial.

Cognitive Reserve and Second Language Acquisition.
I could use some of this “cognitive reserve”. Think mine is all gone.

Not a lot going on. Trashy is well. I am surprised this 8 pound marvel is able to handle all of my affairs so easily and still has time to sleep throughout the day. She could have commanded certain tasks to her canine companion, but his constant confused countenance certainly curtails the cat’s confidence in her confounded consort.

35 thoughts on “8/31/18”

  1. “Hardly worth getting out of bed for, let alone envying”

    Martin, I am envious when somebody sees a dollar on the road before me.

    1. I am sure he does. If you email him he will likely respond also. He is a people man. Watch YouTube vids of him taking phone calls.

  2. Where is this clinical trial information coming from ? It’s really great. I wouldn’t envy a bit of it , I’d want to own it !

  3. Happy to see you are reading & writing, Martin. Hoping you can help revolutionize Big Pharma towards investing in the research of treatment & cures once you are free again. You have a mind too intelligent to be wasted away behind bars.

  4. Tip my hat to you Martin. You should read the book by James Sidis, he was a lot like you.

    Goodwill Hunting was inspired by him.

    Animate and the inanimate is the book.

    It is because you can make the complex, simple. You are a genius like him. Solve Alzheimer’s and you will be a billionaire out of Jail.

    1. At least you are not promoting your own books to Martin. Just kidding. Yea I am sure he will look into it. He works fast and efficiently . I once saw him read a paper and his eyes were clicking as he moved from line to line. He is more like a machine.

    2. MS is known to be a troller of some sort. I took his approach in his reply. But I left the just kidding in there just to be safe I am not completely imitating him.

  5. You say that you relate to black people & have a black ‘soul’, but you can’t possibly because you are such a hard core Republican. You have to understand their plight & empathize, which you obviously don’t. That’s a deep set value. What are your values? You seem to contradict yourself…..

    1. He’s only really economic Republican. Some people are small government when it comes to economics. I never once heard Martin in his streams say he agrees with Republicans and Trump when it comes to social issues, and his family is immigrants as well.

      Things are far more complex than party politics.

    2. I forewarn you MS will get on the phone with you right away once he is out of prison. He will do it live on youtube. He likes to troll for some reason. Unless he changed in prison. Who knows.

  6. Dear Martin Shkreli, I would like you to know you are one of my inspirations in life. As a 19-year-old, reading about you and keeping up with the blog I want to express how much gratitude I have for you for showing your followers so much knowledge and information. Please continue helping us out and keep the good work!

  7. Ticks. Lyme disease. LYMErix. The abandoned drug that prevents a horrible disease. Just sitting there.

    Non 24. Low T. ED. It’s all about the marketing. GSK sucks at marketing. The industry sucks at marketing vaccines as a whole. Bugatti understands marketing. Wrap the package in gold foil and up the price 10X.

    A vaccine that has passed all the trials, lawsuits, and works against a actual growing threat. Just rotting away. All because Jenny McCarthy and bored GenXer’s with too much money and too little knowledge decided vaccines were the problem.

    America loves a comeback story. From rich to poor to rich again. From evil to good. All it takes is a well told tale wrapped in gold.

    1. Ben your comment is ignorant and foolish. Look at numbers and forget the media. I will not debate you on pharma as that is not in my purview but your broad simplifications are foolish. You seem to have no understanding of Economies of scale. Bugatti’s are ridiculously expensive because so few people can afford them. The excess price is required to cover R&D. That being said, Bugatti is owned by Volkswagon and like all super-car projects, Bugatti loses money. The purpose of Bugatti is to pump up the Volkswagen brand and to dabble in future technologies. Bugatti doesn’t make money, but Toyota does every time a fresh $23,000 Prius comes off the assembly line.

      Don’t state your opinions on things you do not understand.

      1. whoosh.

        Vaccines have a marketing problem. Bugatti does not. People are not saying a Bugatti is a poorly made death machine that no one should ever drive because it will cause autism.

        1. If someone were to offer a free Bugatti, there is a 99.9% chance they will take it. Most would sell it and pay the taxes, but overall no one is turning down the deal. The case is not the same for vaccines. Even if said vaccine will save their life or the life of their child.

          This is human stupidity on a grand scale.

          1. You’re stating that Bugatti’s are 10x overpriced and people buy them because they are aesthetically pleasing. I am saying Bugatti loses millions on every car sold and they knew that they would lose that money prior to the creation of the product.

            I don’t have an answer to the “human stupidity on a grand scale” problem. The people who think vaccines cause autism will not be swayed by advertisements. When people have ridiculously irrational opinions, facts do not change their minds. Here is an article about a Stanford Study that better articulates my point.


            Perhaps we should just let natural selection take its course.



          2. pure economics. Supple Demand. For a public company to withhold mass production of a curing vaccine would be unfathomable. valuations become tough again. Look at it’s biotech, it’s not just one simple thing when you deal with the Krankheit.

    2. Nice. I see you sit front row going one-on-one with MS. they should let him stream live from prison. I wanna watch this dialogue.

      1. Ah, I now see the miscommunication. My point is that marketing tells people to buy product X because product X is worth buying due to the cache built around a brand. The caffeinated sugar water that is Coke would have been a better example (or perhaps Voss water). Vaccines are handed out for free in many countries to poor people. An expensive branded vaccine marketed correctly to only rich people might sell well.

  8. I was wrong about TNXP’s beta blocker PTSD treatment, however I still feel like it was a novel idea. IMO if it worked that would be amazing, but Fosmetpantotenate is still league better regarding it’s innovative structure. I hope this PKAN medication does wonders for the patients as it’s a horrifying illness, and it’s structure seems to have been created by a pure genius.

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