Who talked to the Jake….

In this Wall Street Journal article, who do you think is trying to get Your Boy in trouble? Name them in the comments below who you think did it.

24 thoughts on “Who talked to the Jake….”

  1. People cross the border illegally – that’s fine, let’s protect them!!

    People defraud the welfare system – it’s the system’s fault. We need more affirmative action!!

    People shoot each other on streets – whatever

    Guy tries to create value even if he’s in prison – Oooooooh blasphemy!!!

  2. Just saw some bullshit CBS article where the NPCs say “you haven’t changed.” Tired of superficial reporting and ignorant commentary, they don’t know what goes on behind closed curtains

  3. I hope the attorneys will handle the issue accordingly. Not sure where a law is broken. Plus in there still some constitutional right to participate in commerce? I mean it was pretty obvious that MS was continuing to run his pharma business. I believe MS would actually make those statements. Hope to see MS out soon.

  4. Happy Birthday, Shkreli.
    Hope things are going well, or as well as they can be with everything considered.
    Keep the countdown going.

  5. This whole situation sounds very familiar to the prior dealings as far as miscommunication or lack of knowledge thereof. I think things need to be explained to MS like a normal person is explained things. He transacted incorrectly or in a way that is out of the ordinary and because of rules regarding public money he might have made an error unintentionally. For that, the prison sentence is really harsh. Now why would this current accusation add to the perception that everything MS does is to be deceitful or fraudulent. I think there is a stigma here there is largely unfounded and unsubstantiated in relation to what is normally done in this industry. Best of luck.

  6. I hope this won’t be the last we see of this thought-provoking feed. In spite of his misdemeanours, Martin has consistently shown a great willingness and ability to engage and educate others. It is a shame that society and the media-at-large do not recognise this.

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